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Why The BBB Directory?
Why advertise in the BBB Yellow Directory of Accredited Businesses?
The BBB Directory is one of the most cost eective ways to reach your targeted market!
Lowest Cost Per Impression
BBB Directory advertising continues to be a targeted method for advertisers to reach the consuming public. Unfortunately, the large publishing companies across the county have advertising rates that are sometimes out of reach. The BBB Directory is designed to enhance your accredited status and help the public make an educated buying decision. Not to increase the bottom line of a corporation.
Set Your Business Apart
When you advertise in the BBB Directory you are setting your business apart from the rest. There are over 100,000 businesses in San Diego county, and just over 6000 are accredited by the BBB. Advertising your accreditation helps to distinguish you as a business of high ethical standards.
Color Sells
Full-page color ads have a 79% ad retention value compared to 54% received for two-page spreads designed in black and white.*
Shelf Life
Shelf life is a term used to describe whether or not a publication is kept or thrown away. The BBB Directory was designed to maximize consumer retention. The size, consumer tips and design of The BBB Directory helps assure a long shelf life.
* CARR Report No. 100.1B (Cahners Advertising Research Report)